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Root Canals in San Antonio, TX

Alleviate the pain and discomfort in your mouth with root canals in San Antonio, Texas. Count on Mike Majors, DDS, to bring your teeth back to normal function. When you need to save your tooth from a serious infection, simply come to our office. Our kind staff has the training, skills, and equipment to perform this intensive procedure in a safe, gentle, and painless manner.

Root canals are necessary for many different reasons. One of the most common causes involves excessive tooth decay that a standard cavity procedure is unable to rectify. When an infection reaches the pulp of your teeth, it causes further degeneration that erodes tissue and starts affecting the nerves. As a result, you may begin to feel shooting pain, and even applying the slightest pressure on your teeth could result in overly sensitive teeth. If left unattended, the decay will spread further and cause irreparable damage that will require an extraction.

Root Canals in San Antonio TX

The Reliable Root Canal Dentist

Purge your tooth of an infection with the help of our trusted root canal dentist. We reverse the stigma on root canals and conduct each procedure using advanced techniques and equipment. When you visit our office, you are treated in a comfortable, clean environment. Count on our specially trained dentist for a root canal that eliminates pain and sensitivity in your tooth. The results are long-lasting, ensuring a healthy mouth for years to come.

Save your tooth from excessive decay and rot. Root canals are a cost-effective option for preserving teeth that are at-risk of an extraction. Our meticulous root canal dentist carefully examines the infected area to plan the best way to approach treatment. After determining that a root canal is the best possible option, we conduct the procedure at your earliest convenience.

The Total Process

When you come into our office for a root canal, we hold your total comfort as our top priority. We use anesthetic to neutralize any discomfort you may experience throughout the entirety of your visit. Think of a root canal as a more comprehensive filling. The procedure clears your tooth of all decayed material and infection, and it is filled with a strong resin that reinforces your existing bone. Afterward, the dentist installs a crown that seals the tooth off from future infection.

Trust our experienced dentist to restore the normal and proper function of your tooth. Normally, patients feel relief from the pain starting on the day of the procedure. Enjoy relief from all the pressure and inflammation and count on us for safe and effective root canals.

Protect your teeth from further decay and learn what a root canal can do for you. Contact our office today to request a consultation. We proudly serve residents in San Antonio, Texas, as well as Spring Branch, Bulverde, Boerne, Helotes, and the surrounding communities.

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